Monkey Shoulder

In an increasingly crowded, craft-focused whisky market, to stand out you have to evolve.
We’re Monkey Shoulder. And we’re the evolution of Scotch. Evolved.


Rocks? Cool. Fossils? Cooler. Fossils on the rocks? Coolest. Happy #NationalFossilDay #PartyWithPaleontologists #ItsEvolutionary

Here’s how to show up to your next cocktail party with some stones: Pour 2 parts Monkey Shoulder over ice, ice and some more ice. And then remember to sip responsibly. #LeaningTowerOfFreeza #ItsEvolutionary

Invite dad over for an Old Fashioned. Not the old fashioned Old Fashioned. The new fashioned Old Fashioned. #ItsEvolutionary

-2 parts Monkey Shoulder
-0.4 parts sugar syrup
-2 dashes Angostura Bitters.

1. Add all ingredients to mixing glass
2. Add cold dry ice and stir
3. Once dilution is reached strain into glass
4. Twist orange peel over glass 

Always measure responsibly. #MonkeyShoulder

The perfect mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice makes the #MonkeyMojito an evolutionary experiment worth trying .

1½ parts Monkey Shoulder
¾ part fresh lime juice
2 ½ parts sugar syrup
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1-2 mint leaves
Ginger ale

1.Add all ingredients to a glass exceptginger ale
2.Muddle well
3.Add crushed ice and stir
4.Top up with ginger ale
5.Garnish with mint leaves and lime wedge

Always measure responsibly. #MonkeyShoulder


If you live in New Jersey, you know what #MischiefNight is... If you don’t, well then you still don’t know… #Mystery #CelebrateAnyways #ItsEvolutionary

Man has always been captivated when trying new things. The wheel instead of walking. Fire instead of cold. Monkey Shoulder instead of champagne. #NewYearsEvolution #NewYearsEveMix


CW: Ben Kraft